Website Myths

The internet, and how we use it, is changing at breakneck speeds. Social media, with its constantly changing algorithms & privacy settings and the various devices we use to consume content online shift the landscape of how we communicate and market. Do you still need a website? Do mobile websites matter? This is our list of some questions you may have when looking for a partner to build your business a website.

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74% of users are more likely to return to mobile-friendly websites

Over 53% of internet browsing is done on a mobile device. Over half! How your site performs on a mobile device has never been more important. Not to mention — if your site isn’t mobile friendly Google will penalize you in listings.


75% of website credibility comes from design

Your website is your chance to tell your story. What makes you unique? What makes your place of business interesting? Tell the world. Stand out. 


73% of companies invest in design to help their brand stand out from competitors

In a world of social media profiles and vanilla looking website building tools it’s more important than ever to tell YOUR story to YOUR customers. There’s only one you. Let’s create something equally engaging!


Slow-loading websites lead to a $2.6 billion revenue loss each year

We’ve all been there. “Is it my internet? Is it this website? Who cares, I’m outta here” Don’t lose business from an older, slower website. 


“I use social media as my web presence, isn’t that enough?”

Nope. 30% of consumers won’t consider a business without a website. A website gives your business a unique voice online — using design, video and content to tell the world why your business rocks. Businesses with SEO optimized websites and content marketing stretegies even have the opportunity to compete with their big-box competitors.

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